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* USA - Shock Bushings (Type 1)


Shock Bushings:

My bushings are made of Ultra-High Molecular Weight Polyethylene. My bushings were designed intentionally to be a tight fit so as to eliminate slop that would initiate premature wear. With that said, you may need a press or vice to get them pressed in without damaging the bushings.

These bushings are a replacement for the stock bushings found on many Arctic Cat quads (part number 0604-310). Included in the kit are enough parts to fully replace all shock bushings on one (1) quad, which comes to a total of 16 pieces. PLEASE NOTE, if you own a 2007 or newer machine, your lower rear shock bushing is different than the rest of them. I have these bushings now available, so just be sure to let me know the year of your machine. The part number for that bushing is 0603-955.

On the 2007 and newer model where the double bonded bushings were OEM equipment, you will either need to remove the center metal sleeve from the stock bushing and reuse that with my bushings. Otherwise, you can buy these sleeves from your dealer or me (2.00/each...you'll need 6 of them for the 2007 and newer models and 8 of them for the 2006 and older models).

Bushing X-Ref:

Shock Bushings (Type 1)– replaces OEM # 0604-310 & 0403-182

Shock Bushings (Type 2)– replaces OEM # 0603-955 (Prowlers & 07-up ATV lower rear)

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